A few words about us HSW

At HSW, we are here to help you get more out of your data and software systems. We are passionate about providing you with insights into data that enable you to make better business decisions.

Drawing on our 50 years of combined knowledge in the post-acute sector, and our experience with technology, process and data systems, HSW will help identify and surface the key drivers impacting your business.

A modern approach to product design and data analytics.

From visual data analysis tools that provide insight and monitoring to drive change, through the latest rapid application prototyping tools - HSW can help you define, design and develop in a way that supports your teams and business goals.

Microsoft MVC 98%

ui & ux Design 82%

Tableau 95%

Php & mysql 88%

Our mission

Simplify and surface

Simplify and surface: provide an integrated view of the data the drives your business.


Reduce the cost associated with providing easily available data.


Improve operational efficiency through effective use of data.

our service

Are you getting everything you need our of your software systems?

HSW can help - from Discovery through to Design

Data Services

Utilizing our DataMiner platform, we can build client-specific dashboards and reports that provide insight into your essential operating metrics and make them available on your mobile devices.

Software Optimization

Are you getting the ROI you anticipated from your software systems? If not, let HSW evaluate your implementation and identify ways to maximize your investment.

Software Design

Utilizing the iRise platform, HSW can design new software products or changes to existing products. The iRise requirements management and prototyping tools improve requirements & prototyping - communicate clearly and iterate quickly - reduce costs!

Software Development

With a full range of custom web-application and mobile software development, HSW builds solutions to solve your business problems.

Remote Support

We will work to support your existing teams, providing initial one-of-consults and training, through to complete lifecycle management.

Software Selection

Are you in the market for a new software system? HSW will help you organize, evaluate and select the best solution for your unique needs. We have built EMR systems and know the tough questions to ask, ensuring you get the most functionality for your investment.

Our Solutions

We will work with you to design and deliver the solution that meets your data needs.

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  • Design
  • Develop
  • Data

Mark Solomon

Business Inteligence & Product Management

  • 30+ years of software development experience, primarily working with start-ups.
  • 20+ years in the post-acute health care space (McKesson, HealthMEDX/Netsmart, LGCNS)
  • Managed all aspects of product life cycle (Product Management, Development and support of sales and professional services)
  • iRise Certified
  • Tableau Experience
  • Director of Innovation – Blue Ocean Team Member
  • Southwest Baptist University – Information Systems

  • Naomi Harter

    Developer and Product Management

  • 17 years of software development experience, ranging from Software Engineer to VP of Product management.
  • Skilled in a variety of programming languages and technologies, both web and mobile.
  • iRise Certified
  • 16 years with HealthMEDX working in basement to fully
  • established software vendor in post-acute care.
  • Experienced with Tableau
  • Missouri State graduate - CIS
  • Ashley Wharton

    Tableau & Web Development

  • Clinical and Technology experience in the acute and post-acute provider space.
  • Direct care and leadership positions, serving as CIO & COO for a large VNA.
  • Skilled in a variety of programming languages and database technologies, both web and mobile.
  • Proficient with Tableau and iRise
  • Liverpool John Moores University – Masters Information Systems Management.
  • London South Bank University – HND Registered Nursing
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